We’ve created an inspection ecosystem dedicated to process and product.

Sentinel software is a high-performance tool for artificial vision solutions, with a strong focus on solving problems in production processes. Save time implementing new processes and raise the quality level of your products.


Inspection Systems

Inspection of Injected Parts

With great adaptability to the natural variations of injected plastic parts, this inspection solution evaluates shapes and shades to ensure the complete integrity of the part according to quality criteria.

3D Weld Inspection

The 3D weld inspection system can detect defects with a minimum dimension of 0.1mm in just 3 seconds. Each inspection evaluates the weld’s shape, color, size, and texture.

Robot Guidance

Picking solutions are increasingly common in component picking processes. We have a competitive solution with 2D or 3D technology, capable of speeding up production and with a very short payback.



An Industry characterized by well-defined processes and high-quality standards. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions integrated into production processes guarantee product quality and obtain indicators for optimizing the entire process.


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Designing solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry requires special attention to details such as handling, transport, and contamination. Artificial vision solutions make it possible to track, record, and prevent defects with severe consequences for the consumer.



Extrusion and injection processes are susceptible to errors in the constitution of the final product. Machine vision solutions capable of measuring, detecting defects, and preventing future mistakes can be very useful at various stages of the process.



The metalworking sector supplies many different industries due to the product diversity. This diversity of component shapes, materials, finishes, and dimensions poses challenges in defining automatic inspection system solutions. Surface measurement or inspection solutions are some examples of applications in this sector.


Food & Beverage

The food industry offers relevant challenges to more traditional artificial vision systems. The typical variation of the product requires intelligent systems capable of constantly adapting. Furthermore, the high demand for detecting contaminants involves using hyperspectral acquisition systems or even x-rays.



A raw material with unique characteristics that enables a wide range of applications. The quality control of this natural resource is an essential process for the product that goes to the customer. Artificial vision solutions make it possible to classify cork according to its surface characteristics and based on X-ray images of its interior.

Quality as a decisive factor in Industry 4.0

With strong market competition, product quality is a decisive factor in maintaining and conquering new customers. The focus on production automation ensures process repeatability while machine vision ensures product quality. Machine vision solutions detect production defects, allow automatic robot guidance in the production process or perform highly accurate measurements of product components. In the automotive, pharmaceutical, or metalworking industries, you can mitigate errors and transform your production process into a controlled process, focusing on product quality.

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