Hi-rEV – Recovery of the Automotive Components Sector

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Hi-rEV – Recovery of the Automotive Components Sector

An agenda for the development, testing and demonstration of a new generation of technologies, processes and products that will enable the national automotive cluster to be positioned in the global value chains of the car of the future.


Total agenda investment: 42.448.331,45 €


Sentinel’s investment: 141.890,00 €


Measure: Green Agendas for Business Innovation


Start date: 01-01-2022


End date: 31-12-2024


Full agenda incentive: 20.421.263,28 €


Sentinel incentive:: 102.390,00 €


Goals and expected results:

Mobilising national manufacturing companies in the automotive sector to position themselves as examples of smart and sustained growth, innovation and suppliers of technologically advanced products. These companies and organisations will take part in a series of projects with the aim of repositioning their manufacturing capacities in response to industry/consumer demands.


Funded by: www.recuperarportugal.gov.pt